Brand Recognition

Best Clients Media Pack - Multiply your best clients



  • Case studies with 3 clients filmed online.
  • Clips you can use for several years on your website, social media, price quotes to multiply your  best clients (£150 per video)
  • Show prospects that you have fans instead of customers who love to work with you. 


We developed a signature process based on our experience and technology to film case studies online.


We follow a specific structure to help your prospect:

  1. See their problem will be solved

  2. Explore your USP

  3. Be excited about the end result you deliver


  • We film the three case studies with your three best clients showing three of the companies main strength

  • We can include a logo animation here

  • Adding captions, subtitles and explainer illustrations to make it easier to understand

  • Briefing before the filmings and ongoing coaching to help you make the best out of it

Brand Recognition