90 Day

Zero to Hero

on Youtube

Mentor Program for Businesses

Build a video marketing strategy on Youtube to attract an audience and get clients.

(Even if you don’t have a Youtube channel or any confidence to speak)

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, behind Google. While there are plenty of successful YouTubers who make a living, it is still largely under-utilized as a marketing tool by the small business community. 


  • Build and grow your Youtube Channel

  • Publish engaging videos

  • Sell effortlessly on camera


  • 90-day intensive learn and do course with ongoing mentoring from the award winning video production director, Kat Bhat.

  • Guest tutors on public speaking and the four content pillars.


  • 3 group coaching calls.


  • Ongoing mentoring, expert and peer support.



SEO optimised Branded Channel with a description and visuals that attract your target audience.

At least 5 videos with branded thumbnails, end screens, subtitles.


Subscribers and views.


A strategy on going forward.

Who is it for: 

Small Business Owners who want to include YouTube in their marketing strategy. 

What you'll learn

  • Create your own YouTube channel

  • Grow your brand with a YouTube channel

  • Get more YouTube views

  • Get more YouTube subscribers

  • Make quality videos on a budget

  • Post and optimize videos with great titles, descriptions, and tags

  • Understand your progress by using youtube analytics. 


Access to a booster WhatsApp group and a Facebook group focussed on further growth of your channel. 

What do you need before starting

the course:

No prior knowledge is necessary as we will talk you through the basics. 

You don't need any fancy equipment either. While we will give you hardware recommendations, you will be able to get started using just your mobile phone. 


Completing this course will help you:

  • Set up your channel correctly - or if you are already up and running, optimize your set up and align it with your strategy

  • Build your YouTube subscriber base and increase watch time.

  • Optimize your videos for search engines (keywords, file names, titles, descriptions)

  • Tasks are designed to help you achieve your goals on YouTube, which might be different for various businesses. Don’t worry if you are unsure about your goals yet. As part of this challenge, you will think through your strategy for youtube. 

  • The peer network you build will help you with the ongoing growth on YouTube




I will add you to a closed Facebook group. Don’t worry, your posts in the group will not be visible on your profile. 


We will kick off with a group Zoom call. As one of the benefits of this challenge is networking and helping each other, it is important that we understand everyone’s goals. But don’t worry if you can not make it, the call will be recorded and posted in the group, so you will be able to watch it the next day and add your introduction in comments. 


Two or three times a week we will post a video tutorial explaining a specific YouTube related topic and give you a task related to this aspect of your channel.  

How it works​


Once the task is done, please comment on the post and mark it as done. You can complete them at your own pace, the group will be available for a month after the challenge closes. 


We will prepare you for the ‘life after the challenge’. and give you access to a YouTube for entrepreneurs Facebook group and a  YouTube booster WhatsApp group, where you will be able to receive ongoing peer support. 



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Редактирование видео

getting started with youtube

Everything you need to know to set up your channel and post videos. 


This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Strategy for your youtube channel

  • Understand the setup of Youtube and which elements matter the most

  • Branding of your youtube channel 

  • Basics of filming (including cameras/webcams, lights, microphones, room setup, etc)

  • Basics of editing 

  • Speaking on video and presentation

  • 1 group mentoring session on zoom


1-month mentoring programme

Female Gamer

growing youtube channel

Everything you need to know to grow your audience on youtube


This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Understanding YouTube stats and which metrics to focus on

  • Organizing your channel for visual impact

  • Playlists and how to use them for growth

  • Youtube Engagement

  • YouTube Collaborations

  • End screens and calls to action

  • How to leverage other social media

  • 1 group mentoring session



Both options comprise a

2 months mentoring programme

фотографии моды


Everything you need to know to maximize your youtube returns

This includes but is not limited to: 

  •  Monetizing your youtube channel

  • Sponsorship deals

  • Merchandising

  • Using affiliate links

  • Membership programmes 

  • Editing 

  • Filming 

  • Seling on video

  • 1 group mentoring sessions on zoom 

  • 1 one to one session





All 3 options comprise a

3 months mentoring programme



Your investment

To help you get going on Youtube, the whole 90 day training programme, feedback, and online community access come at a reasonable price of £550 in a lump sum payment. If you prefer to pay monthly, we can offer instalments option, at  £199 + VAT per month.

You can also purchase just the first or second option. 

But don’t forget that the financial investment is just part of the deal. Your work and commitment are also needed. 

Money-Back Guarantee: if purchase option three, you do the tasks and don’t see any value, just let us know within 2 weeks of the course start date and we fully refund everything you have paid.


You can pay following the link, or email your details (name, title, company name, and the chosen option) to pa@digitalleopard.co.uk when you are ready to sign up and I will send you a VAT invoice. 

 the Programme COVERS ALL ASPECTS of youtube channel

The Challenge covers all aspects of Youtube channel


getting started with youtube

£150 + VAT

growing youtube channel

£300 + VAT


   selling on VideO

£550 + VAT




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