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How we can help

Whether you need to launch your product or showcase the events that you run, we have got you covered. We can produce a short highlight video helping you promote your services, or we can live stream your entire event, helping you reach a wider audience. 


We have worked on global conferences, charity fundraisers, awards ceremonies and local networking events. Our team can be trusted in any circumstances. We have filmed prime ministers, politicians, celebrities, as well as small business owners. 

Types of videos: 

Events are a great opportunity to create video assets that help you reach a wider audience.

Highlights Videos

A short video showing the flavour of the event and any aspects of it that you want to promote. We would work with you on the specific messages you want to get across in our pre-production stage, to make sure that we get the right shots on the day. The highlights videos are great for promoting future events.

Promo Video

Do you need to promote the upcoming event in order to sell the tickets out? We are here for you. We can help you create a video invite just like this one, or a snappy promo that will highlight the benefits of joining you on the day. We have access to stock videos as well, which means that we can promote your event, even before it happened! 


During events you will often have an opportunity to ask some of your well known attendees the questions that are on the top of everyone’s mind. It's great content to share on social media.

An Interview

Sponsorship videos

Getting sponsorship for future events is much easier when you have targeted videos you can show to potential investors. 

Live streaming

In this day and age, most events are hybrid, meaning that people can attend them in-person or online. If you provide both options you have got all the bases covered and you can maximise the impact beyond any physical boundaries and restrictions. 

With full professional live streaming set-up and a team on hand, we have your back. 


This is the best way to provide your target audience with social proof. Short testimonials are great at convincing others to take part.

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