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How we can help

Great videos can help charities reach their fundraising goals, build awareness and help people they serve. Our values are closely aligned with this secor, and we love telling stories that help you achieve your goals. Our crew is tactful, compassionate and experienced in working with vulnerable people. Whether you need to film kids, people with disabilities, or even animals, we’ve got you covered.

Types of videos: 

Once we understand your goals and problems you are facing, we will create a full content strategy for you.

Below are some examples of videos that we might recommend.

Mission Videos

A short video showing values and purpose of your oganisation. This is the video for your website that lets everyone know what you stand for and why they should engage with you. 

BMV DL new Thumbnail Jan 22 (23).png

Fundraising videos

During events you will often have an opportunity to ask some of your well known attendees the questions that are on the top of everyone’s mind. It’s a great content to share on social media.

Events videos

Getting sponsorship for future events is much easier when you have targetted videos you can show to potential investors. This type of content provides additional opportunities for your sponsors to display their logos as well, that outlive the actual event.

BMV DL new Thumbnail Jan 22 (26).png
Young Couples

Case Studies

Real life stories move hearts and not only help you achieve your goals, but also inspire others. So whether you want to get new investors or give hope to your customer and their families, case studies are the way to go.

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