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We love working with the construction and home services industry. Your brands are built on trust and videos are a fantastic tool to help you achieve this, even before you meet the customer in person. 

While the construction and home services market is booming, it is a great time to produce videos that will help this pipeline going even when the market slows down. 

Types of videos: 

The use of video in corporations is endless.

Below are some examples of videos that we might recommend.

Brand Message Videos

A short video showing what your business is all about. This is your chance to show everyone what you stand for and why they should engage with you.

Smiling Worker
Construction Manager

Testimonial videos

There is nothign more valuable than having your satisfied customers sing your praises and recommending you. But they can only reach a small amount of people in person. Why not capture their enthusiasm on video? Social proof is the best way to convince others to purchase your product o service.

Promo videos

Promos are short videos designed to be scroll stoppers on social media. We can pinpoint your ideal customers and speak directly to them, driving traffic to your website and enquiries straight to your phone. 

Drilling into Wood

Drone Shots

Sometimes the best way to showcase your project is from up above. We can capture those bird's eye views for you with our drone shots. . 

Health & safety

Health and safety training is extremely important in the construction industry. We can help you save tonnes of time by producing educational videos for you, whether it is on health and safety, or any other topics you want to bring your staff up to speed on. 

Construction Managers
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