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How we can help

Small Busienss owners are at the heart of their businesses, but there are a lot of demands on their time. Since we can’t create a copy of you that would have enough time to speak to everyone interested in your product or service, the best way to convey your passion to others is through videos.

Types of videos: 

Once we speak to you and understand your goals or any problems you would like to solve, we wil provide you with an individualised content strategy that uses video content to provide solutions for both.

Brand Message Videos

A short video showing values and purpose of your business. This is the video for your website that lets everyone know what you stand for and why they should engage with you.

Testimonial videos

There is nothign more valuable than having your satisfied customers sing your praises and recommending you. But they can only reach a small amount of people in person. Why not capture their enthusiasm on video? Social proof is the best way to convince others to purchase your product o service.

Promo videos

Promos are short videos designed to attract your target audiences attention. Once we learn about your target audience and marketing personas, we will be able to provide you with videos that speak directly to them.

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FAQ videos

You can use those videos to educate your staff, or to provide the customers with additional information about your products or services. They can help you save time, as well as provide a uniform experience for your viewers. For example, this way the Director could provide a direct training for all employees, without the impact on their time that would make it impossible to do this in person. 

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